Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Room Complete

Finally. With less than 1 week to spare we got M's' baby room done! I am not the best decorator. If you came to my house you would see bare walls and not much of a style. I always have an idea in my head of what I want to do, but can never find it or can never get it quite right so I just don't do anything. But this baby room had to get done. This amazing time of nesting is great! I am really proud of myself actually. Hubby put everything together including everything on the walls. I went to the doctor on Friday and there was no change. We will see. I will keep you posted. We can't wait to meet our little girlie bundle.

This set of drawers is FULL of clothes. SO is her closet. She is set for a whole freaking year!

Crystal made these letters for me. They look so good with her bedding.

Macie loves M's room. She loves to lay behind this chair most times. Crazy kitty!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Modeling shoot and baby stuff!

As much as I hate getting my picture taken I decided that I should have this wonderful yet sappy occasion documented. My friends Tricia and Jodie have started their own photography businesses (make sure you check out the links below) and I was their first maternity model. What a privilege! These ladies took some amazing pictures that I would have never thought to take. My wonderful husband also took part in the shoot. We had to act/model a little which was ridiculously funny! Jason constantly makes me laugh and it was really amazing to do this with him! We actually had fun! I thought Jodie and I had discussed NOT doing bare belly shots, but of course I got talked into it. :) It was quite awkward for me, but I got over it and kinda got into it after a minute. I would rather be silly than try to be all maternity mushy like and fake!

My mom got to be there for the photo shoot. She was here for Spring Break helping me with all of the baby stuff. We registered, looked for furniture, bedding, and all that comes with baby. And who knew that there is so freaking much? Gosh! It was totally overwhelming to register. There are way too many things to think about. What happened to the simpler days of just needing a blanket and a boob? But we got a lot done, with the help of my mom-in-law Connie. The grannies were so excited and just about bought Babies R Us out of girlie clothing. I am bound and determined to keep this baby far away from Princesshood, but it looks like everyone else is making that very difficult. Thanks ladies!

So I am 26 weeks and counting. I want it to go by really slow. I am actually enjoying being pregnant. More to come...

Make sure you check out my friends Tricia and Jodie's sites. They are fabulous and very affordable!!!

Tricia McCaslin
Eyes Like Twins Photography
Jodie McCloud
Jodie Christine Photography

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Reese

My baby brother tied the knot this weekend in Denver. I am so proud and happy for Lindsey and Mitch. They are both so blessed to have found each other. I am so excited to have her as my sister in law. They got married at the Botanic Gardens. It was so beautiful. Flowers of every color surrounded the wedding. Amazing! The reception was so fun! My whole family was there-even my cousin Matthew who I haven't seen in awhile. I was so glad to see them all there. It was a great reunion. I wish I was still there. It was such a short trip. Everyone danced, laughed and had a fabulous time. Best wedding ever!

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Cat Whisperer

Sometime in late July my friend Jodie had to make a really tough decision. She has/had 3 cats. Callie, Julia and Bennie. All outside cats, with claws and all. She felt that she wasn't giving them all that they needed so she decided to try and find them a better home. Because Callie and Julia are mother and daughter she decided to give them to this amazing family that lives in the country and keep Bennie for the time being. P.S. Callie is also my tabby kitty-Chloe's mom.
On the same day our friend April convinced us to try sweaty yoga at Sunstone Yoga. Jodie asked if she could leave the cats at my house while we went to yoga. We kept them in their crates in the garage with food and a fan blowing on them. They were not happy and I was totally distraught as I am sure you can imagine. I just kept thinking how hard it would be for me to give my cats away. I might cry right now just thinking about it. Jodie was having a hard time too.
While this was happening, Jason was playing disk golf with a friend and he was totally oblivious to the craziness ahead. He left his phone at home so he didn't get any of my texts about the cats staying in the garage.
When I got out of hot yoga I had 4 missed calls and a few freaked out text messages from my silly husband. He was totally upset, confused, anguished and as he says it hurt him to see those kitties in the heat like that. (and he says he doesn't like cats) He called me as I was driving home and he was yelling about Callie getting out of the crate. Callie is part feral so she is a total bad a**!! He said she was banging her head against the door and when he came back out to check on them she was gone. He was TOTALLY FREAKED out! It is funny thinking about it now-was not so amusing at the time-eek! So I got home and J and our neighbor Phil had cornered Callie under Phil's truck across the street. Phil told me that she would run away if I came too close. I laughed and said "do you know who I am?" I walked up to the truck, bent down and said in my sweet voice "Callie, come here!" And OF COURSE...she came right to me. I grabbed her and she was happy in my arms until Jodie (her mom) came up to the house. It was so funny! She was definitely mad at her. She started to freak out and we were trying to get her in the crate...she was none to happy to be put back in jail after busting out. She thought I was saving her...tear! It had to be done. So, Jodie gave her and Julia to the nice family that lives in the sticks and they are having the time of their lives chasing mice and meeting new friends. I guess I am happy for them...and Jodie's tough decision has turned out for the best.

It's Been Awhile!

I know that you have all been just waiting and waiting to read my latest blog. I thought I would put you out of your misery.
I decided to try to make this blog thing a weekly occurance just because I have writing homework for school and this is the only way I will do it.
I will have to backtrack a bit so I can have a story to tell. My life is all about school right now-boring. Please bare with me. I am not as good as my great friend Kristi Franks at the written word. So here goes nothing...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Animal Whisperer

If anyone knows me, they definitely know that I LOVE animals with kind of an obsessive passion. I cry at ANY animal movie...even if it is a comedy! I cannot watch Animal Planet because it makes me cry. I would totally be the cat lady if my husband let me. He is so good at keeping my craziness in balance. :) And God always seems to put animals in my path so I can save/rescue them. It is weird!
So, Monday I got my hair cut at my friend Karen's house and as I was driving home through her neighborhood I noticed a cute little Chihuahua (with no collar or people with him) walking across the road into a yard. So I turned my car around, parked, got out and he came right to me...of course. I took him around to the neighbors and nobody knew who this precious dog belonged to so I cried. I didn't know what to do. I called Jodie, she told me to take him to a vet close by... and I called Jason with huge tears coming down my face, he told me to leave him there...which you all know I could not do. One neighbor told me to take him to the animal shelter around the corner so I reluctantly did just that. It took me awhile to find it so that made me freak out even more. This funny puppy was just happy to be on my lap in my car. Immediately when I walked in the door I started balling my eyes out. I said "I found this dog" and I couldn't stop the tears. The 2 ladies were so nice to me. I told them that I just love animals so much and I feel sorry for him because he can't live on his own and then I cried, "what are you gonna do with him?" They said that he would stay in the shelter for 5 days and if his family didn't get him that he would go to the SPCA to be adopted. They said that little dogs usually get picked up quick...which made me relax a bit. They noticed what a sucker I was so they walked me around the place to show me all of the other poor homeless animals. Of course I wanted all of them, especially all of the cute kittens (there had to have been like 75 of them). So they took my dog and he is still there. :( It makes me so sad. I wish I could take him home with me. If he doesn't get rescued from his owners Jason might just come home one day and find this cute, big eared guy. I should've been a vet.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

1st Blog

Hi friends and family. Megan here! I am jumping on the bandwagon and starting our Walker family blog. I love reading my friends and sisters in law's blogs (Rachel and Paige) and learning about what is going on in their lives. I am so bad at staying in touch with people-I thought this would give me a chance to do that. I am also technology illiterate and it is going to take me awhile to get all of the cool gadgets and such.
Yesterday was my last day of school. Gosh I just finished my 6th year of teaching. Really? Is that right? This class that I had was definitely my all time favorite. They were so fun, smart and made each day joyful and new.
And I am about to turn 30th. It is a bittersweet birthday. I loved my 20s and made some amazing memories and I don't want to get any older...but I am looking forward to seeing what happens in this next chapter of my life.
So I will keep you posted on Jason's antics and my fabulousness. Our summer is full of fun stuff. We are going to lots of Ranger games, having a reunion with some high school girlfriends (Les, Kris and Crystal) and Jason will play some golf at the fabulous course in Roswell , NM, going to float the river with Jason's sis Amanda, Mitch (my baby brother) is getting married late this summer in Denver...OMG! Can you believe it? I absolutely LOVE his fiance Lindsey. We have a lot in common.
I know you can't wait to hear about all of the fun!